Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I am sad to say that all my websites were compromised due to security breach of my host company IPower as of March 10 2012
After numerous painful customer service calls and tech support emails, and countless frustrating and agonizing ordeal, no one seemed to realize the audacity of this security breach, which interestingly enough have been the cause of many down time for thousands of their customers in the recent years.
Somethings get better with age, by Ipower is getting worst by the minute!

Not to mention I found out that IPower Web have been hosting the very same Russian Hackers on their server that hacked in to their security and caused all the past and present issues.
First time, Shame on me, Second time, Shame on you, but common 4 times security breach in one year is beyond carelessness and stupidity

I am posting this blog in the hopes of finding others with similar painful experiences caused directly by Ipower incompetence and lack of secure hosting environment, please contact me or make a comment on the bottom of this blog, I would love to hear your story

Who would really allow anyone to access your controle panel and your most secure pages htaccess and modify your sites and redirect all your website to an unknown Russian web Url ?

No one except Ipower Web, here is more to read how

No wonder I power is nominated as one of top worst hosting companies on the planet

In my case I had to shut down nearly 20 of my websites and all my google peresence will vanish in a few days, once the search engines realize that my sites are all infected with virus, and the worst part is that I cant do a thing and I Power Tech support bounces me back and forth like a Chinese Pin Pong tournament

Here is a great website checker to see if your site has been infected or not
Protect yourself and your vsistors

Here is what other have to say about IPower web hosting 

Very lame hosting service

I used Ipower for about a year when I signed on an affiliate program that required me to use Ipower as my hosting service. I hated it so much as it was so complicated. I couldn't find simple tasks like where the help button was located or how to upload my files onto my website, and it took me literally 14 days to find the cancel button. Every time I logged in the menu buttons were switched to a different position! Worse off, half the time my website was always not available because my hosting was down for maintenance. I couldn't get out of it as hosting fees were non-refundable, so I was stuck with rubbish hosting for a whole year.

The only good thing I like about it was that they reminded you on time that your subscription is up and would you like to cancel. Do not use these guys for your hosting service, you'll regret it just like I did.

Not for me

I did join Official Ipower Web Hosting for a little while. Since I was new to web hosting, Ipower was very cheap for me so I decided to purchase it without even thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of joining. This web hosting service, I realize now, did not have enough features as other web hosting services contained.

I also got really sick of Ipower Web hosting as it's really slow, and they also have had some down times. I dislike this web hosting service, as it's slow, bad quality, and doesn't really have important features that you need.

The great thing about it is that it's cheap, even though it's a poor web hosting service. I would rather pay that little bit extra for a web hosting service and get better quality!

I wouldn't really recommend this web hosting service. 

Poor web host

In this site, I was really attracted by the cheap price and I joined them when I was a beginner to building a website. From my experience, I can say that it’s a low quality web host which is not so reliable. Their services are quite poor and I have experienced lot of downtimes, and their support system is also bad. They never respond to our questions. Downtime is the worst thing that can drive away our patience.


I never recommend this web host to anyone who doesn’t want to switch from one host to other. Don’t waste your money and time.

and so many more

just search on google or yahoo and you will fine more horrifying stories than mine and these poor individuals all telling you to stay away from IPOWER WEB