Saturday, July 23, 2011

New York fashion and Fashion photography

New York - Capital city of fashion , where top Fashion photographers and Fashion designers come together in order to shape our society for centuries.

When it comes to fashion and style, non play more important role than the ones  determining who wears what!

Fashion designers expressions captured by elaborate fashion campaigns and fed to the mass, which in most cases are recycled ideas of our past translated for the future.

Top fashion photographers have the ability to enhance those ideas by their creative interpretation, some with much more colorful density than others, each telling a story through their lens.

Personally I prefer the black and white photography over color photography,  mainly because I prefer the viewer coloring the image in their own mind without anyone's influence of the colors and the surroundings,  allowing them to focus more on the style, photography and the feelings expressed by the photographer.

the following images captured by New York fashion Photographer Shaun Alexander famous for his black and white photography and his timeless and mysterious fashion photography

Guess Ad Campaign by New York Fashion Photographer

New York Fashion and Style by NY Fashion Photographer 
New York Beauty Photographer Shaun Alexander

New York Editorial Photographer Shaun Alexander NYC


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